Xandrea Dawn

Xandrea Dawn TransationalFantasies March 07, 2018

As soon as you arrive, trans goddess Xandrea Dawn demands that you bow and worship her feet. If you do a good job, maybe she will let you pay tribute the rest of her beautiful body too. But first, rub her toes… massage them, lick them, suck them. Get your tongue in each and every nook and cranny. After you bathe her tootsies clean, she lets you eat her gorgeous ass. She pulls up her dress, and you pull her thong to the side. She bends over and starts fingering her heavenly cavern. Your mouth follows. Her girl balls hand down, and she smacks her ass. Then, she rolls on her back and jerks her lady cock. She pulls out a black butt plug, stuffs it in her trans girl pussy, and keeps stroking. You wrap your mouth around her long clit, sucking until your cheeks fill with piping hot lady liquid. She cums all over your face, and it drips down her stomach.


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