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  1. Thank you for going through the trouble to make such a fine website. It must take a lot of hard work. I appreciate this website and the effort it takes to maintain. Its a very nice website and is mostly user friendly. But there is a problem. I have Ad Block Pro disabled for this website but I get the ad block message as if I have it enabled. Because of this I have stopped coming to this website please fix the website so that it can detect when Ad Block Pro is disabled for this website.
    Another problem is there are way too many ads per click. I understand that you want money but the ads are too constant and it means that me and other will come to this website less and not more. And some of the ads are very suspicious as if they are filled with malware.
    Thank you for you hard work and such great content.

  2. have been removed all links to videos melodymonae, surely the files still exist on the server, but the pages are no longer present, and until a few weeks ago I had passed and they were visible, but for lack of time I did not take the files, you You can replace the links in new pages in here? thank you

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